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Want to Sell/ Consign

Want to Sell/ Consign

If you would like to sell similar stock items (e.g. cameras, lenses) to us or consign an item at our store, please follow below steps to contact us and provide us information of your items.

Sell Similar

1. Click on the “Sell Similar” button on the corresponding page of our stock item.
2. Input item condition, target price, item include and your personal information.
3. Refer to our confirmation e-mail for further selling arrangement.


1. Contact us through phone (852 - 23669238) or e-mail ([email protected]).
2. Bring along with your item to our store for condition checking.
3. Set your expected amount after completion of the sale.
4. We will charge extra 10% of the amount on top and the total amount will be the final selling price tag. The actual price tag will be adjusted in order to meet the customer’s expectation as close as possible.