Tochigi Nikon 300mm T2.2 & Nikkor 300mm f/2.0
January 19, 2012




Nikkor 300mm F2.0 lens was released in July 1983, it was a high definition lens sought by sports photographers providing faster shutter speed to better capture the gentler moving actions of athletes and destined to cover events at the 1984 Olympics. However, because of high production cost and insufficient orders, only 441 lenses were manufactured till 1985.


We like to introduce the Tochigi Nikon 300mm T2.2, a product of 21st century. Nikon developed this lens in 2001 mainly used for cinematography. In 2002, a broadcasting corporation approached Nikon to purchase 20 lenses at US$30,000 each. However, that broadcasting corporation canceled the order. Fortunately, Nikon have not given up the production plan and decided to offer the lenses to publics at special price of US$20,000 each and accompanied with ARRI PL/ B4 or Nikon F.




Specifications of the Tochigi Nikon 300mm T2.2 lens:

Maximum aperture: T/2.2

Front Aperture: 150.0mm (5.91 inch)

Field of View: depends on choice of film camera

Diaphragm (Iris): fully manual, can be set to T/2.2, 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16

Distance scale: graduated in meters and feet from below 4m (13.1 ft) to beyond infinity (OO).

Exposure measurement: manual ‘stop down’

Lens Mount: accepts a bolt-on lens mount

Lens Back Focus: 52.00mm (2.05 inch) from rear surface of lens PL mount flange ring

Rotating Collar: built-in tripod mounting collar rotable through 360°, with adjustable drag and lock

Tripod Attachment: via one 3/8 inch – 16 tpi tapped hole

Tripod Attachment Foot Base: 97mm (3.82 inch) from centerline of lens

Lens Hood: HK-29-1 section clamps onto front of lens, Nikon HK-29-2 Lens Hood extension provided

Filters: two (2) slide-in thread-on filter holders for glass 52mm filters, provided with two Nikon NC filters.

Length (front edge to lens mount flange): 329.2mm (12.96 inch)

Diameter overall: 163mm (6-7/16 inches)

Lens Weight (without Lens Hood): 16 lbs. 0.9 ounces (7.28 kg) with leather Lens Cover

Lens Hood Weight: 15.9 Oz. (0.45 kg) includes both Lens Hood and Extension section











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