Leica 1a Anastigmat
March 22, 2012

The Leica 1a equipped with Anastigmat lens was the first camera produced by Leica as commercial commodity. This model was produced 144 units in total. Followed by Leica 1a constructed with Elmax, Elmar and Hektor lenses, which were manufactured around 713 units, 56,548 units and 1,330 units respectively.

We like to introduce you the number 19X Leica 1a Anastigmat this time. The serial number is from about 131 to 300.


6 speed for shutter, from 1/25s to 1/500s, beside Z shutter


Shutter button, mushroom shaped





Serial number, 19X


Cameras engraved with "Germany" are the version selling to overseas market





Inner camera structure


Black paint cross bar on baseplate latch


Original black paint




The leaf spring is used as an infinitive focus lock that looks like a hockey stick





Film counter (0-40); The manual crank was made of ratchet. It will sound like "kick-kick" when crank it.


Original vulcanite leather




Datum line on lens tube lined up with mark on focusing ring


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