Leica M Edition “Leica 100” Limited Set Celebrating Leica’s 100 years Anniversary

August 22, 2014
Leica, the creation king of 135 full-frame format mechanical rangefinder cameras, has walked through 100 years, produced lots of excellent cameras and lens, and given photographers artistic experiences they dream of.

9gazine Post Update

August 14, 2014
Who is able to resist the attractiveness of beautiful bokeh? Click here to read the latest post of 9gazine and know more about the brilliant image performance of "The King of Bokeh", Leica Summicron-M 35mm f/2 (IV) 7-element.

Brand New Leaf Credo + Mamiya Leaf Set Special Trade-in and Upgrading Promotion

July 19, 2014
Want something more than 135 full frame? Wanna upgrade your old camera and obtain a charming Leaf Credo medium format digital camera back with a good price? All are here in 9days!

9gazine Post Update

June 18, 2014
How to make it possible for a candle light enough to handle night shooting? Click here to read the latest post of 9gazine and know more about how Noctilux-M 50mm f/1 benefits night shooting, as well as its excellent performance.

The Grand Launch of 9gazine - 9days Online Photography Lifestyle Magazine

April 4, 2014
9gazine, an online photography lifestyle magazine operated by 9days will be launched in the same day in 8th April. 9gazine (www.9gazine.com) is expected to be the best online photography magazine in the Chinese zone, allowing photo shooting lovers to explore more about the real shots, distinctive features and precious history of different photographic equipments.