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Updated 21 April 2015
New Arrival (Pre-owned Items):
[USED] Leica M9 Black Paint Digital: HK$25,000
[USED] Leica M9-M black monochrome: HK$42,000

** LENSES **
[NEW] Voigtlander Super Wide Heliar III 15/4.5 : HK$6200
[RARE] Hasselblad UV-Sonnar 105mm f/4.3: HK$238,000
[USED] Contax G 16/8 Hologon T* - modified M-mount: HK$18,000
[USED] Leica APO-Elmarit-R 100/2.8 3-CAM: HK$19,800
[MINT] Leica M-Noctilux 50 f/1.0 v4: HK$56,800

New Arrival (Brand New Items):
[NEW] Leica M-P 240 black paint camera: HK$46,000.-
[NEW] Leica M 240 silver chrome camera: HK$40,000.-
[NEW] Leica M 240 black paint camera: HK$40,000.-

[NEW] Leica Summarit-M 75mm f/2.4 in black: HK$12,500
[NEW] Leica Summarit-M 90mm f/2.4 in black: HK$13,500

[NEW] Voigtlander VM-E Close Focus Macro Adapter NEX to Leica M: HK$2,700
[NEW] HAWK's Factory Close Focus Macro Adaptor Fuji X to Leica M: $1,300

[NEW] Leica TS-APO-Elmar-S 120mm f/5.6 ASPH: HK$43,000



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